Miembro de Guiding Architects



The urban development of MADRID, from its Arabic roots, passing through the period as the capital of the Spanish colonial empire during the “Golden Century” to success to be the thriving political and economic centre of the Iberian Peninsula makes walking through its streets, parks, and buildings into a unique and exciting experience.

The Architecture Tours in Madrid will show the visitor how to move in the complex urban structure and include either interior or exterior visits of some of the most interesting and newest buildings of Madrid’s architecture. All the tours are guided by first-class professionals either in German, English, French or Spanish.

Our architecture tours in Madrid are the result of a long touring experienca: The visits through Madrid focussed on architecture and urbanism that has been organized by Werner Durrer since 1994, specially for foreign groups of professionals. Furthermore MADRIDES, after several years of collaboration with the international Network “GUIDING-ARCHITECTS”, has become a full member of this organization in 2007.