Miembro de Guiding Architects


Madrides offers a wide range of services related to Architecture, Urbanism and Construction, which can be combined with the tours or be hired separately.


We organize lectures for you about a lot of different subjects: history of urbanism of Madrid, urbanism of Madrid, history of architecture of Madrid, architecture of Madrid, but also about issues as the Spanish Real Estate Bubble, Madrid’s territorial and urban planning, etc. All lectures count with the assistance of an expert on the selected subject and a Multimedia presentation: The length of the lectures is between 60 and 90 minutes.

Some of our conferences:

Regeneration of Madrid city center, AMO, 2012, J. Barros.

Expansion of Chamartin Norte Area, IFHP, G. Peribañez, J.Barros.

Mayrit – Madrid, from the Arab fortress to the Spanish Capital, Berner Fach-Hochschule, 2014, W. Durrer


Madrides arranges your contacts with professionals form all fields of the construction industry of Madrid: Urban planners from Madrid, Architects from Madrid, Engineers from Madrid, Developers from Madrid and Builders from Madrid. Under request and where possible, we can arrange visit working sites and/or architecture studios and firms from Madrid.

Some of our previous visits:

Visit of the Repsol building site in Madrid with the architect, AV Baden Würtenberg, 2010

Office visit of R. Fernández de la Hoz, BNA, 2011


Madrides is your local partner to establish your required institutional contacts with entities like the Architect Chamber of Madrid, Madrid’s Universities, the Municipality and the Regional Government of Madrid, etc

Some contacts and visits:

Visit of the Finanzkommission der Stadt Zürich to the Finance Department of Madrid, 2012.

Visit of the Real Estate Managers of Dutch Universities to five Universities in Madrid and Castilla La Mancha, 2012.


Madrides helps you to organize, arrange and book all your professional and/or academic events, such as, study trips, workshops, round table, symposia, etc. The offered services include the elaboration of contents, the booking of conference sites, transport, and technical support. etc.

Some of our previous events:

Round table Madrid: Smart City, IFHP, 2013

Study trip: Madrid, Berner Fachhochschule, Abteilung Architektur, 2014


Whatever service you might need during your visit to Madrid, Madrides will help you to get it.

We highly recommend to these professional services as soon as possible, as they depend on the availability of people, spaces and technical material. Tell us what you need and we will offer you our services.