Miembro de Guiding Architects



After Spanish Civil War, several important urban issues were resolved. Firstly, North–enlargement was built, consisting in the prolongation of the “Paseo de la Castllana” axes up to “Plaza Castilla”, the plan was outlined by architects Zuazo and Jansen in the competition in 1931.

In 1963, first metropolitan steet map was edited.Furthermore the new northern railway station, Chamartin, was constructed and “Principe de Vergara” street was extended as an access to the new Station.

Other important urban issues of this period are the organization of the surrounding suburbs and the planning of the new out- and inbound-roads.

A part of the visit of the famous “Gimnasio Maravillas” by Alejandro De La Sota, the tour passes through the new business-district called Azca with the towers ”Torre BBVA and “Tore Picasso” among other buildings. Going towards Plaza Castilla, we can see the new facade of the INE-building (Statistics National Institute) or the four newest skyscrapers.